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Undergraduate Advising Information and Admission to the Major

Advising Office: LGRT 1521E is open during these times.

Phone: 413-545-2282

Advising for Fall 2017:  Advising week is the week of March 27 and enrollment begins on April 3.  Continuing students who see a Faculty advisor (different from Eric and Jake) listed in their Student Center on Spire should have received a poll to sign up for an appointment with their advisor.  Other students should meet with a peer advisor (see below).  Secondary majors can meet with Eric, Jake, or a peer advisor.  All primary majors have a registration hold and must meet with an advisor to have it released before registering for all classes.

Admission to the Major:  Students wishing to major in Mathematics should stop by 1521E.  Students interested in math as a secondary major or the minor in math should first read the Minor and Secondary Major page.  During the period of March 27 - April 17, the advising office will not be able to process requests to add SM-Math.  During that period, students will still be able to add BS-Math, switch between BS-Math and SM-Math, or drop BS-Math or SM-Math.

Criteria for admission:  Students need to meet with Jacob Lagerstrom before being admitted to the major (drop in whenever the office is open, see above). Students who hold junior year status or higher will also have to meet with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor (Eric Sommers) before being admitted to the major. There are no specific criteria for admission, other than the ability to complete the major in a reasonable timeframe. Majors should, however, be aware that a C or better is needed in Math 132 in order to take certain upper level courses required for the major.

Exisiting Majors:  To change or add a concentration, or switch from SM-Math to BS-Math, please email Jacob Lagerstrom.

Drop-in advising:  All students are welcome to attend drop-in advising hours.

Drop-In Advising Hours (Modified for the week of March 27)

Day Time Advisor Location
Monday 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Robin Young LGRT 1521E
Tuesday 3 - 4 PM Eric Sommers LGRT 1521E
Friday 10 - 11 AM Weimin Chen LGRT 1521E

Peer Advising for Fall 2017 classes

Students without an assigned faculty advisor should meet with a peer advisor to discuss fall classes and have their hold removed.  If you do not have a concentration, you will be asked to select one during your meeting.  The department has six peer advisors (see their biographies below):  Whitney BentleyAleigha Correia, Madeline Gordon, Diana Hansen, Athena Higgins and Greg McGrath.

Peer Advising Schedule (all advising takes place in LGRT 1521E)

Friday, March 24
Whitney: 11-12
Athena: 2-5

Monday, March 27
Gregory: 1:30-2:30
Diana: 2:30-5

Tuesday, March 28
Madeline: 9:15-11:30
Gregory: 11:30-1:30

Wednesday, March 29
Aleigha: 11-2

Thursday, March 30
Whitney: 12-2
Whitney: 4-5

Friday, March 31
Athena: 2-5

Monday, April 3
Gregory: 1:30-3:30
Diana: 3:30-5:00

Tuesday, April 4
Madeline: 9:15-12:15

Wednesday, April 5
Aleigha, 11-2

Thursday, April 6
Whitney: 12-2
Whitney: 4-5

Friday, April 7
Diana: 11-1
Gregory: 1:30-2:30
Athena: 2:30-5

Monday, April 10
Diana: 2:15-5

Tuesday, April 11
Maddie: 9:15-12:15
Whitney: 12:30-1:30

Wednesday, April 12
Aleigha: 11-2
Athena: 2-5

Thursday, April 13
Gregory: 11:30-2:30

Friday, April 14
Whitney: 2:30-4:30

Tuesday, April 18
Maddie: 9:15-12:15
Gregory: 1:30-3:30

Wednesday, April 19
Aleigha: 11-2
Diana: 2:15-5

Peer Advisor Bios:

Whitney Bentley

I'm currently a junior math major with a concentration in statistics. Over the summer I had the opportunity to welcome the incoming class as a New Students Orientation Leader. This past fall I studied abroad at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland where I had the chance to explore and learn in a new environment. Outside of the classroom, I am involved with the UMass Outings Club and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Aleigha Correia

Aleigha is a junior with an Actuarial Science concentration. This summer she will be an actuarial intern at The Hartford in Hartford, CT. She's passed exam FM and is studying for exam P this semester. She's taken classes at Amherst, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire college so she can help you with the five-college exchange process. She transferred into Isenberg her sophomore year to try accounting, and went through the accounting externship process.

Madeline Gordon

I am a math major with the statistics concentration and I have minors in education and Spanish. I will be going to graduate school at UMass next year to study Elementary Education through their one year accelerated Master's Program, Collaborative Teachers Education Program (CTEP).  If you have any questions about minoring in a very different subject area, MTEL exams, teaching pre\ paration programs, the marching band, or UMass resources, I would be happy to answer them!

Gregory McGrath

I'm a Math and Computer Science double major in the Commonwealth Honors College. My concentration in Math is Pure Math and my track in Computer science is Theory of Computation. I was also an Electrical Engineering major for two years so I am relatively familiar with the requirements for that major. I have studied abroad twice, once in England and the other doing Budapest Semesters in Mathematics.

Diana Hansen

Diana is a sophomore seeking a dual degree in Math with a concentration in Actuarial Science and Accounting in Isenberg. She is a Director in Gamma Iota Sigma (the Actuary Club) and has passed the actuarial exam Financial Mathematics.

Athena Higgins

Hi there! My name is Athena Higgins, and I am a mathematics major concentrating in actuarial science at UMass Amherst. Math has countless applications, which grants students the opportunity to be reflect on individual preferences as they consider possible careers and work environments. There really is something out there for everyone- the key is knowing where your priorities lie, and what work you find satisfying. I have applied my background in math to a variety of jobs since coming to UMass. Sophomore year, I began working as a Teaching Assistant/Supplemental Instructor for a variety of math classes. I also used applied math to conduct research as an intern at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA last year. This summer, I will use financial math during an internship focused on actuarial risk analysis in Wellesley MA. I am happy to discuss the variety of concentrations available to UMass math majors, and what these imply for future career possibilities. I am also thrilled to share information about the math-oriented clubs at UMass (especially the UMass chapter of AWM, the Association for Women in Mathematics).  Next fall, I plan on studying abroad in Geneva, Switzerland--I can hardly wait to take on the Alps (let me know if you enjoy hiking...we should chat about that), and hopefully learn more math as well. That’s enough about me- I look forward to learning about you during peer-advising hours!


Undergraduate Advisors: