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Undergraduate Advising Information and Admission to the Major

Advising Office: LGRT 1521E is open during these times.

Note: The advising office will be closed June 18 - 22.

Phone: 413-545-2282

Admission to the Major: Students wishing to major in Mathematics should stop by 1521E. Students interested in math as a secondary major or the minor in math should first read the Minor and Secondary Major page.

Criteria for admission: Students need to meet with Jacob Lagerstrom before being admitted to the major (drop in whenever the office is open, see above). Students who hold junior year status or higher will also have to meet with the Chief Undergraduate Advisor (Eric Sommers) before being admitted to the major. There are no specific criteria for admission, other than the ability to complete the major in a reasonable timeframe. Majors should, however, be aware that a C or better is needed in Math 132 in order to take certain upper level courses required for the major.

Existing Majors:  To change or add a concentration, or switch from SM-Math to BS-Math, please email Jacob Lagerstrom.